Baa Atoll incl. Hanifaru Bay




The core focus of our expeditions is to not only provide close encounters with manta rays but to enthuse and educate divers in marine conservation issues and the environment surrounding them. Through a series of presentations on topics covering local marine species and habitats, Manta Expeditions trips ensure that divers leave with an increased awareness of the threats these graceful creatures are facing and, perhaps more importantly, how they can help. Workshops in collecting and recording manta ID images cements the theoretical and practical aspects of the research being conducted by giving divers and snorkelers the tools to get involved, knowing that they are contributing meaningful data to the project.


Exact routing depends on the weather!

We will choose the best routing!

Duration: 7 Nights

Number of Dives: 16-17 dives

Start/End Port: Male/Male

For all experience levels, Snorkelers welcome

Mostly Thilas, few channels possible.

Hanifaru Bay – Baa Atoll

Hanifaru Bay is a sanctuary for people who love snorkeling with manta rays and whale sharks. This UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Maldives is legally designated as a Marine Protected Area. There are strict regulations are in place to protect and preserve this amazing wonder. The whale shark season is from May to December. In this period, planktons gets trapped in the funnel-like reef and concentration of planktons attracts whale sharks and schools of manta rays. At any time there could be over a hundred mantas and several whale sharks feeding off the coral reef. This is the world’s largest feeding station known to exist.

At Hanifaru Bay you can do snorkeling, diving is not permitted any more.

 At some point whale sharks and manta population in Hanifaru Bay went to a drastic drop. The creatures might have been disturbed by human intervention. Hence, the regulations are important to keep this amazing wonder preserved.

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