Deep South to Addu Atoll


Without a doubt the king route in the Maldives. Almost on every tour up to 10 different shark species are sighted. Grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, nurse sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks, spinner sharks, blacktip reef sharks, silvertip sharks...

Please note that over 90% of the dives are channel dives and strong currents can be expected.


Start / End: Male / Addu Atoll (domestic flight not included)

2-3 Dives per Day

Domestic flight needed!

Tigershark dive: 50$US extra

Atolls: South Male, Vaavu, Meemu, Thaa, Laamu, Huvadhu, Fuvahmulah, Addu Atoll

For who: Advanced divers with minimum 75+ dives. Experience with drift and channel dives required.

Type of dives: Mostly channel dives. Best of everything!

Marine life: Mostly pelagic fauna. Tiger sharks!, Reef sharks, whale sharks, mantas, macro



Dive Sites Description:
*easy      **medium difficult      ***challenging


Kandooma Thila ***
Definitely number one in the ranking of the best dive sites in South Male atoll. Long thila, located in the middle of the channel, offers spectacular conditions to observe grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, eagle rays, big schools of jacks and snappers both with incoming and outgoing current. North side of the pinnacle is nicely covered with soft corals with the top of the reef being home to many reef fish and green turtles. Currents can be pretty strong so negative entry and fast descent is often required. Current hooks should be ready to use.


Miyaru Kandu ***
One of the channel dives that you don’t want to miss. With strong incoming current the list of possible encounters is impressive. Mainly grey reef sharks but also whitetip reef sharks, eagle rays, napoleons and tunas are quite common and with the visibility reaching 40 meters during the northeast monsoon it can be the highlight of the trip. Outgoing current offer worse visibility but the sharks are still there. The site is not  recommended for beginners, negative entry is often required and current hook is a must to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the reef. Most of the time you will spend at the depth of 26 to 30 meters so checking air and no-deco time more often is strongly recommended.


Alimatha House Reef **
Located on the south side of Alimatha island resort and considered one of the best night dives in the Maldives, being often a victim of its success and resulting in overcrowding of divers. Every night there is a show performed by a big number of nurse sharks, stingrays and massive jacks. Maximum depth will not exceed 15 meters and most of the time you will be kneeling on a sandy bottom waiting for the sharks to come closer. Definitely not to be missed.


Muli Corner **
The reef is known as home to a lot of sharks during incoming currents but it also welcomes manta rays on a large cleaning station during outgoing current. Entering the water with empty BCD and not wasting time on the surface is often recommended, specially with strong currents.


Whale shark point *
There is no specific place where diving would guarantee an encounter with a whale shark but the common practice is to use a strong light in the evening at the back platform of the boat to attract the zooplanktons which will further attract the whale sharks. Scuba diving while having the shark at the back of the boat is rather discouraged as the bubbles may disperse the mass of the plankton. The best experience is to grab a mask, fins and gently enter the water on the side of the boat, not to scare the whale shark away and then enjoy the view while snorkeling. Sometimes the whale shark will stay for hours, more than one visitor is also possible. Instructions given by the dive guides have to be followed and a code of conduct must be respected by all snorkelers to enjoy the moment to the fullest.


Tiger Zoo

In front of the harbour entry of the isolated island Fuvahmulah we dive with a local dive centre the Tiger Zoo. Sometimes 15 or more different Tiger sharks come up from the drop off.

South Plateau Fuvahmulah

It´s sometimes a challenging dive in the blue depending on the currents. Everything can happen from Tiger sharks, Hammerheads, Whale sharks etc.

North Plateau Fuvahmulah

Explore the beautyful and intact coral life of Fuvahmulah.