Passports & Visas:

All guests must have a passport valid for at least six more months after arrival. 30 day tourist visas are issued on arrival at the immigration desk at Maldives International airport for all nationalities and are free of charge. All visitors must be in possession of a return/onward flight ticket.


On arrival:

Upon arrival on the day of the safari start, guests will be met by an Eco Pro Divers staff member from 8:30 am in front of the Arrival Exit at the international airport - easily recognizable by a sign reading "Eco Pro Divers "and boat name. The earliest transfer to the boats is around 12pm noon. Later arrivals will be received at the same place according to the flight time. Again, waiting times may occur as group transfers are prioritized. Extra transfer possible after 12pm noon (15$US per person).


ATTENTION: For special routes with a different departure port than Male, guests will be met at the respective departure airport and not in Male. We ask you to walk independently to the domestic airport and check in for your onward flight.


In the case you have any problems you can call


Shakko (Operation Manager) +960 911 1712


Siwaz (Office Manager) +960 7939390


Alex (Managing Director)

(Maldivian phone) +960 7 658528,

(German phone) +49 174 6904998



We do require all divers to have valid insurance that covers diving accidents. Proof of this have to be presented to the dive guides at check-in.

We assume no liability and take over e.g. pressure chamber and transport costs.



There will be no diving on arrival and departure day and 16-17dives offered per week (2-3 dives per day). Divers must ensure that they leave a minimum of 24 hours between their last dive and their flight departure (or going to altitude). For all diving sites visited en route our dive guides will give you a detailed and comprehensive dive briefing before you enter the water. All divers are required to dive in a buddy team; should you be a single diver a buddy will be allocated onboard. The dive guide will not provide any dive training during the dive and you and buddy dive together at your own risk.

As qualified divers,you are responsible for your own and your buddy’s safety during the dive and to `plan your dive, dive your plan’ using a personal dive computer. You must begin, execute and end the dive with your dive buddy.You are expected to be able to dive to a standard as per the certification and experience requirements outlined for each itinerary and as such able to complete the dive with your buddy or by following the dive guide.

The guides may decide upon seeing each diver's ability not to enter the water for every dive and will remain onboard providing surface support only.

The maximum depth for diving in the Maldives is 30 metres with an equally qualified buddy.Your maximum diving depth will be dependent on your level of training and experience. It is your responsibility to check what depths your insurance policy covers you for before your arrival.

Decompression diving, solo diving and technical diving is strictly prohibited.



We offer a range of courses on-board, from beginner to arange of specialty courses. Courses are subject to availability and itinerary and

include course materials (where required) and certification fee. If arranged on-board a 10% service tax will be added. Courses have to be requested before trip.


Dive equipment:

We suggest that you bring the following:

Mask, snorkel, fins, boots, wetsuit, regulator, BCD, SMB (with a minimum of 5 metres of line to deploy during the safety stop) and a dive computer with spare batteries and a torch for any night dives.

The average water temperature is 29°Cand we recommend a 3mm shortie or wetsuit.

Equipment is available for rent. We need to know normal sizes, height, weight and shoe sizes to prepare the correctly sized equipment for you.

All divers are required to use a dive computer and SMB and carry Reef Hooks for every dive and a torch each for night dives throughout their safari experience for safety reasons. Please bring your own or ask us what is available on-board.


Tanks & Adapters:

We have DIN and INT 12l Tanks with adapters available on-board. 15l Tanks are available for rent only on request.


Nitrox (onboard MV EcoBlue and Moonima):

We offer Nitrox onboard EcoBlue and Moonima, in subject to demand and availability. And is extra charged. Nitrox can not be guaranteed.



Our boat is equipped with Wi-Fi and internet is available when a mobile signal is present normally only nearby or in port. This service is for limited internet browsing and to connect with communication applications. We offer 5GB for 30 $US Signal strength can vary which may result in intermittent and/or slow connections.

This service is dependent on the local mobile provider.



All the cabins accommodate two guests either in a double-bedded cabin or twin bed cabin. Cabins are pre-sold and allocated prior to arrival. All cabins are air conditioned and have private shower/toilet. It is not necessary to bring towels, as shower and beach towels are provided.




All bathrooms are equipped with a shower, sink and toilet. Please take extra care in the bathrooms not to slip and always use the shower curtain/door. Placing toilet paper down any toilet on-board is not acceptable. This not only risks blocking the system but it also finds its way in to the delicate reef systems causing irreparable damage. Waste paper bins are provided in all bathrooms and are emptied regularly.

We provide ecological shampoo and shower gel. Also you will get towels so it is not necessary to bring with you.


Food & Drink:

The meals on-board are usually buffet style with a variety of dishes to suit everyone. Water, tea and coffee are complimentary. Soft drinks, fresh juices and alcohol (cocktails, liquors, wine and beer) are chargeable.

For any special dietary requests, such as vegetarian or any allergies, please inform us prior to arrival.



Importing of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by law. Bottles containing alcoholic beverages will be confiscated at Customs upon arrival. Alcohol is available to purchase on board.

Guests will not be permitted to dive after consuming alcohol or under the influence of a hangover as this seriously impairs your judgment and increases your risk of decompression sickness. If the guides deem that you are unfit to dive you will be asked tosit out the dive. Your safety and well-being are paramount so this request by the dive guides will only be made to avoid accidents.



Whilst you may be advised where to store your luggage,you leave your belongings there at your own risk.


Tips on board:

The general recommendation is 100$ USD per person and week. The tip will be equally shared between crew and guides.


Currency accepted onboard:

All prices are in US dollars when onboard but we accept in cash Euros,MVR and US dollars.

Please bring enough cash with you to pay your bills.



The GST is included in our prices. The government charges a Green tax 6 USD per day. This has to be paid onboard. Any equipment rental, special tank requests and onboard purchases paid locally will be subject to 10% service charge.



The boat has 110/120V AC and 220/240V, 3 Pin Sockets UK.

We do not accept liability for any damage caused by AC voltage.


And finally:

If you have never been on a liveaboard before, then expect a few adjustments from normal life to enjoy your week. Please keep in mind that you are in a foreign country with a foreign culture.

If you experience any problems during the week, please ensure that these are raised with the dive guides as soon as is practically possible. The guides and the boat manager will always try their best to solve them. However, if something remains unresolved make sure you raise it with the Boat Manager at the end of your week.



Check out:

The rooms must be free at 7am on departure day. Transfer to airport from boat is between 7am and 9am. (Group transfer)

Latest check out 9am (extra transfer 15 USD per person)


Important Information!!!

Due to a change of the insurance policies from DAN we would like to inform you, that all divers which are 75 years or older, must produce a medical certification from a physician knowledgeable about diving. The certificate should mention your fitness to dive – your current health conditions.


The medical certificate has to be sent to EcoPro Divers by e-mail in order to being able to clear your diving activities with DAN, so that we can clarify the insurance criteria in advance for our clients. Please do not forget to indicate the boat and the trip date!


No diving activities will be possible until DAN has cleared the respective person for diving. Please send the details to so that we can request clearance to participate in diving activities from DAN prior to arrival.


  • To enter the Maldives, a booking confirmation for the entire stay, in printed form, has to be carried.

    • On the booking confirmation of Eco Blue (registered vessel name in Maldives: Blueshark 2), it must say "Blueshark 2".

    • On the booking confirmation of Blueshark One (registered vessel name in Maldives: Blueshark Safariboat), it must say "Blueshark Safariboat".

    • On the booking confirmation of the Moonima, it must say "Moonima“.


  • They have to fill out an online health declaration within 48 hours before they departure to the Maldives:

  • When asked "Which island will you be staying in?" - you must select "K.Male" because you are on a liveaboard.

  • All guests (vaccinated and recovered) have to undergo a COVID-19-PCR test, maximum 96 hours before departure to the Maldives, and take their negative test certificate with them on their trip!


    PCR Test

  • If a PCR test is mandatory for your return journey, we will organize this test for you on your return. This will be done the day before departure.

  • The PCR test costs 120 USD and the antigen test 30 USD (can change) and must be paid in cash onboard!


  • From now on we do require a negative Covid test (PCR or antigene) from all guests, who have been staying on a local island/guesthouse prior to join one of our liveaboard trips.

Packing; remember to bring:
-Personal clothing & toiletries
-Small medical first aid box & prescription medicines
-Ear plugs are recommended if you are a light sleeper
-Water-proof bags to store electronic items (land camera, passports) in case of water damage whilst on
-Note: Hard suitcases are hard to store onboard so please use roll up/collapsible style bags where possible
-Logbook with your most recent dives in
-Valid diving association certification proof
-Valid travel insurance
-A copy of valid diving insurance details per person (translated in English by your insurance company if not
already) stating the start and ending date of the diving cover with the exact diving insurance covered by the
Without this document, you will be required to purchase diving insurance locally before you may begin
-Booking voucher and holiday detail