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Addu Atoll und Fuvahmula


Tigershark Special

There is no better way to dive with the popular tigersharks in Fuvahmulah than on a liveaboards EcoBlue and Blueshark One.

The population of this pelagic shark is estimated to up to 500 animals.


Start/End: Gan/Addu Atoll (domestic flight not included)


15-16 dives total/ 7 nights aboard

4 Tigershark dives at Tiger zoo (50$US extra per dive, guided by local dive centre)

Atolls: Addu Atoll, Fuvahmulah

When: All year round. Itineraries prepared and specific dive sites carefully chosen depending on the monsoon.

For who:  50+ dives. Familiarity with drift dives recommended.

Type of dives: Spectacular dives with tiger sharks in Fuvahmulah, wrecks, pinnacles, Manta cleaning station

Marine life: Divers will be astonished by the variety of marine life. From nudibranchs and eels, through schools of reef fish, eagle rays, sharks and turtles to manta rays, whale sharks and tiger sharks.

Dive Sites Description:


Addu Manta Point:

This outstanding dive site is part of Maa Kandu, but is often dived specifically to see manta rays who gather at this cleaning station for a few hours in the morning, when the incoming current makes conditions just right for these majestic creatures. The cleaning station is at 20m and there are strong currents, we require our divers to use a reefhook.

British Loyalty Wreck:

The British Loyalty, an oil tanker used to supply Gan, was torpedoed in 1944 by the German submarine U-183. The wreck lies in 33m of water with its port side about 16m below the surface; it has a good covering of soft corals. Many small stuff like nudi´s and ghost pipe fish. Turtles, trevally and many reef fish inhabit the encrusted decks, making it a fascinating place to dive.

Outer Reef:

Beautyful and intact coral life. Open ocean, everything is possible. Often we can encounter oceanic manta rays.


Tiger Zoo:

In front of the harbour entry of the isolated island Fuvahmulah we dive with a local dive centre the Tiger Zoo. Sometimes 15 or more different Tiger sharks come up from the drop off.

South Plateau:

It´s sometimes a challenging dive in the blue depending on the currents. Everything can happen from Tigersharks, Hammerheads, Whale sharks etc.

North Plateau:

Explore the beautyful and intact coral life of Fuvahmulah.


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